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Grandparents Camp

Age: 5 - 8 years old with Grandparents    Price: $ 230

At Grandparents camp we will be studying the Bible, hearing stories, playing game, swimming, making crafts, walking in the woods and enjoying a wagon ride with s'mores around a campfire. There will be "together time" just for you and your grandparent/s.

Grandparent's Camp 1

Grandparents and grandchildren of all ages

Date: June 9th -11th

Grandparent's Camp 2

Grandparents and grandchildren K-3

Date: July 14th - 16th

Grandparents Camp 1

Grandparents Camp 2

Laura Phillips, Director
Sarah McGinley, Director

Sarah McGinley has been part of the church camp world since she was in elementary school, and at each stage of life has found the experience to build her faith and add people to her church family. She believes grandparent camp is the perfect place to introduce children to joys of church camp starts them on the road to wonderful opportunities. 

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