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Eighter's Camp

Age: 8th grade graduates  Price: $500

July 7th - 13th

Just Say Know

"Created To Be Me" is a tightly designed ecumenical camping program focused on spirituality and sexuality. It is presented by Just Say Know trained Keynote/Workshop Leaders under the governance of the Board of Directors of Just Say Know Ministry. Maintaining the integrity of this program has been essential in ensuring a consistent experience year-to-year and place-to-place. In 2013, JSK conducted nine summer camps across the nation.


Anna Godsey, Director

Chuck Pickrel, Keynoter

Lara Blackwood-Pickrel, Keynoter

Anna has counseled camp for 9 years and this will be her third time directing. This is her 9th time being at Eighters camp.

Lara Blackwood Pickrel serves as Senior Minister at Hillcrest Christian Church (Overland Park).  Chuck Pickrel serves as Associate Minister at both Overland Park Christian Church and Saint Andrew Christian Church (Olathe). This is their sixth summer serving as Just Say Know keynoters for Eighters camps at Tall Oaks and Bethany Hills (Tennessee).  Prior to becoming trained as keynoters, they served as counselors in the program for ten years. They love all things camp and have a huge place in their hearts for the faithful, open discussion that takes place at Eighters.

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