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Adult Camp 

Age: 18 +               Price: $300

May 30 - June 2 

Come back for the next chapter and reconnect with Tall Oaks and the community! 

Dan Merrick, Co- Director

 Hi, I am Dan Merrick. I have been a counselor and camper at Tall Oaks throughout the years. I am excited to have you at camp this summer!

Nora Engelken, Co- Director

My name is Nora Engelken and I have been going to Tall Oaks camps in 2004. I started going to Day Camps and have been to camp every year since then either as a camper or a counselor. I started counseling at Grandparents camp, Chi Rho and then CYF and Midwinter camps. I grew up learning all sorts of ways to connect with God through my mom, Lisa Engelken, a DOC Pastor. I love seeing how all generations experience and learn new ways to be with God. 


I am the General Manager at Strang Hall in OP. I have been a leader in my personal and professional life for a long time. I am super excited to direct Adult Camp this year as I love intergenerational worship and want to help guide people in different experiences either to connect with each other or with the lord. I am hoping to expand that this next summer with some open-ended worship with group participation, volunteer opportunities, intergenerational small groups and a variety of interest groups for all types of ways to connect with the other campers and with God. I am very excited to see a successful 2nd annual Adult Camp! 

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